Members Underground Trip 26th August 2017


Meet at the Smelting Mill at 1030hrs.

Includes long sections of crawling on mainly soft shale, and some water up to 0.5 metres deep.

if you are available and interested, please tell Pete Jackson  via or phone 07718385646.

Eight helmets and lamps available – must be booked in advance.

Recommended that you carry a drink and food. You must have BCA underground insurance (red or green cards).  Would help if you had your card with you.

The mine has some interesting graffiti, wooden rails, good geology exposures. and drill holes, one  with wood peg stemming. Plenty of dark shale passages. The main entrance level dates from the earliest times of the London Lead Company on Alston Moor – possibly 1760 onwards.


Wednesday 19th July: cataloguing artefacts stored at Hodgsons High Level Mine Shop.

Wednesday 26th July: sorting out the Power of water structure following removal of waterwheels. Running repairs to plumbing… Shifting debris from the smelt mill, and a host of other jobs.

Members Trip into Smallcleugh Mine Saturday 22nd July

If you have never been into Smallcleugh Mine, this is the trip for you.  We will be starting at 1015hrs from the Assay House and will travel through the Smallcleugh Flats to the famous Ballroom Flat.  On the way, we will see crosscuts, veins, different types of flat workings, doors, hoppers and railways.

The first section of the journey has water about 0.5 metres deep and after that the journey is mainly dry. There are long sections of walking and some sections of crawling. Gloves and knee pads will be very helpful! Clothes will become wet, dusty and dirty.  Strong walking or work boots are best- whatever you wear will get wet and dirty.

Everyone needs to carry a spare lamp,food and water in a rucksack  – you need your hands free for the journey. Worth noting that there are no toilets underground.

The time underground will be about four hours.  You need to be able to walk at a steady pace, crawl on rocks, squeeze through one or two tight places – and be generally able to cope with these conditions.

The Society has some helmets and lamps which can be borrowed. if you want a lamp and helmet, you MUST book in advance by speaking to Peter Jackson either by phone 077118385646 or via email



This is a copy of as recent letter from the Environment Agency and the Coal Authority.

Community up- date June 2017

1 Next public participation meetings

A short list of areas for the proposed mine water treatment schemes for the Nent Haggs adit in Nentsberry and the Caplecleugh adit in Nenthead has now been created.
This follows discussions regarding the long list of proposed areas undertaken at the public meetings in October 2016.

The next public participation events will be on 6 and 7 July 2017 at Nenthead Village Hall.

On this occasion we will be available for an extended time period from 8.00am to 9.00pm on each day, at a drop in event. We hope that this will allow more people the opportunity to see the proposals and talk to the team.

Each short listed site will be displayed with a site design, photograph, ordnance survey location map and information relating to the site criteria.

As usual there will be representatives from both the Coal Authority and the Environment Agency on hand to answer questions relating to the short list of sites.

2 Update on sediment trap (check weir) installation at Nentsberry and dredging works at Nenthead

A planning application for the work to install a sediment trap in the river, with vehicle access across the field near the Old Chapel, was submitted to Eden District Council on 15 May 2017.
Full details are available on their website at:  – go to ‘search planning applications’ and use application number: 17/0362
This information has been circulated locally by email and properties nearby to the proposed site have been informed through the planning process.

Construction works at Nentsberry are due to commence during mid July, subject to the necessary statutory approvals. These works are scheduled for 12 to 15 weeks with completion due before the end of October 2017. The site team will endeavour to minimise any disruption.

It is necessary to carry out access improvement works and this will be managed by 2-way traffic lights. The duration of these works will be carried out earlier in the project to minimise traffic disruption.
Works at Nenthead to dredge the existing check weirs is due to commence in July, subject to the necessary statutory approvals. These are due to be completed in 6 to 8 weeks.
During the works it will be necessary to segregate the public from the operational plant for health and safety reasons, especially to minimise the disruption to walkers. Access to private properties will be maintained at all times.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding either project, please do contact the Coal Authority on the Nent Haggs number 0345 762 6848 or contact me directly in office hours on the number below.

3 Other work and surveys

United Utilities are have almost finished their work to the mains water supply at Nentsberry. There will be some presence on site to test the new system which should be completed during w/c 12 June.
Survey works on the long list areas for mine water treatment schemes will continue throughout June, leading up to the next meetings.
There are specific ground investigations for the check weir build project planned for w/c 19 June.

Previous information relating to these projects can be found at:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Jeremy Regan

T: 01623 637178

E:,  Stakeholder Engagement Manager, The Coal Authority

200 Lichfield Lane, Mansfield, NG18 4RG



You can keep up to date with the proposals for the Nent and West Allen rivers by going to the Gov Uk website at

We will publish a selection of documents on our website, including copies of paper documents distributed at Consultation Events. These paper documents are usually available from the Gov UK website.



A proposal to build a new weir downstream from Nentsberry Haggs Mine.  The Planning application is on the Eden District Council planning portal.


The EA are asking for feedback about their proposals for Nenthead and Nentsberry. The information and feedback forms are here – Nenthead and Nentsberry proposals

This document works through the criteria for choosing treatment sites –   Site Evaluation Criteria.



The Coal Authority contractors are renewing the water measuring devices in Caplecleugh Low, Rampgill and Nentsberry Haggs Levels. This work will start on 27th March and should be completed by 31st March.
Please note that the works include concrete weirs – we are asked to avoid the mines during the construction works, and to keep a look out for any damage to the weirs.
The newly constructed weirs should facilitate more consistent measuring of the water flows and collection of water samples.

Need more information?  email


The Environment Agency are developing schemes to clean up the River Nent by reducing the amount of zinc in the river . The mine water discharges contribute to the zinc content of the river. The impact of these schemes on the mines is not yet fully understood. Will the historical features be damaged?, will access be reduced or curtailed? where will the treatment plants be sited? – these questions are not completely answered.

Find out more and contribute to the discussion at the next Public participation events on two days in March. On both days there will be an “Open House” from  1400 to 1700 hrs – with a chance to speak to the EA and Coal Authority teams, and public workshops from 1800 to 2000hrs.

13 March Nenthead Village Hall – for the Rampgill and Caplecleugh proposals.
14 March Nenthall Hotel – for the Nentsberry Haggs proposals.

see more at Environment Agency consultation

2017 Volunteer Work Days


All Wednesdays are members volunteer work days on site at Nenthead. Very occasionally we may cancel a Wednesday work day if the snow is too deep – check before you travel by phoning 07702538709 and speak to our Volunteer Coordinator, Joyce Jackson.


2nd April

14th May

11th June

2nd July

30th July

20th August

24th September

15th October


We aim to organise projects during the year. This will mean that we may organise Volunteer work days in addition to Wednesdays and Sundays.  Watch this website for more details. This page will also be updated.