A New Group – Nenthead Mines Conservation Society

“The Nenthead mining complex is regarded as the most intact mining landscape within the North Pennines.” – extract from the Ancient Monument designation.

Are you interested in helping to conserve this landscape?


Date: 13th May 2012

Time: 1100 to 1300

Place: Nenthead Mines Café.


This meeting will launch a new society that aims to conserve the Nenthead Mines site.

The founder members are Sheila Barker, Joyce Jackson and Peter Jackson.

We invite anyone interested in Nenthead Mines to come to the meeting. Come along if you want to be actively involved at Nenthead.

We need your donations to finance the society, we need your help to run the society, and we need your help to be able to manage and maintain the Nenthead Mines site.

The new society will aim to conserve the remains of the mining and smelting industry, the geological features, and the natural environment. It will work to provide education, undertake research, raise capital funds for conservation work, work in partnership with users of the site and encourage enjoyment of Nenthead Mines.

At the meeting, we will explain what has happened since the North Pennines Heritage Trust entered administration and what the new Society hopes to achieve.

The new society will be a volunteer managed and operated society.

If you want to know more before the meeting, please contact Peter Jackson either by post to 41 Cranswick Close, Billingham, TS23 3NH, or by email to info@nentheadmines.com or by phone call to 01642564100.


We will provide tea and coffee at the meeting