Conservation Work Update 16 September 2014

The contractors have completed work on rebuilding the culvert at Smallcleugh Level entrance. They have also inserted some supporting wall under the remains of the Smelting Mill flue chimney stack.

Current work is on rebuilding portions of the Smelting Mill flue where the arching is collapsing.  Some of these sections have had new stone installed to replace decaying arching.

The retaining wall at Smallcleugh dressing floors is also being repaired and new top stones have been added.  A wood leat was excavated from the site and is currently stored in the entrance to Smallcleugh Level.

Scaffolding on the north side of the Smelting Mill spine wall has been completed and work should start shortly on the repair and strengthening of the wall.

Meanwhile…..Society members are working on the North explosives Store – see our separate News items in the Members Section.