Working Day Report 19th October 2014

Rain, rain and more rain – classic North Pennines October weather.  The damp conditions prevented us from working on the Explosives Store – the lime mortar would not have “gone off” in these conditions. Instead, our team of volunteers were working on other tasks.

The drains in Carrs Mine were cleared – notwithstanding the ankle deep water flowing through the workings.  The long spell of dry weather this year has maybe enabled the ground above to dry out. When the rains started again this week, the water has rapidly percolated through the Great Limestone and made the whole mine rather wetter than normal.

The Eimco loader was moved int the Barracks building. This required sections of temporary track and a large plywood skid board.

Switches and fans were checked out on the Barracks lighting system – the timed sensors were removed and replaced with plain switches.

Archiving continued in the office.  General tidying and sorting out went on in The Barracks.

A new helmet and lamp rack was installed .