Volunteers Working Day 2nd November

Sunday 2nd November 1000hrs

The weather forecast is mild, tea and coffee is available, the company is good, and we have something to achieve.


The inner walls are almost complete.  We have one more batch of walling to complete and a main roof timber to install. The weather forecast looks OK for the lime mortar work.


We are planning to dismantle the walkway ramp at the back of the old NPHT cafe.  We are using some of the materials to fence gaps in the walls and the remainder will be recycled for further use by the Society. If you can build a fence, or wield a crowbar, or a hammer, or a saw  – or carry wood like a packhorse, we have a place for you.


Meeting point is the Smelting Mill car park at 1000hrs onwards.

Phone Pete on 07718385646 for more details.