Site Report 28 November

The walkway to the east of the woodyard has now been dismantled.  This image shows the view looking north from the south end of the yard. Volunteers have worked over four days to dismantle the timber frame and to build new safety fencing.  Thanks to Alec Langley, Martyn Langley, Graham Brooks, Nick Green, Allan Richardson, Christiane Michel and Joyce Jackson.

The east side of the Woodyard

The east side of the Woodyard

The Experimental plot on the Rampgill burn dumps does not appear to have any plants growing on the test strips.

The experimental regeneration plot on Rampgill Burn dumps

The experimental regeneration plot on Rampgill Burn dumps



Come and join in the fun (?) by finishing off the scrapping of the NPHT walkway, shifting the good timber to store, building a temporary roof for the Explosives Store, carrying out minor repairs around the Assay House, building some new fencing around the Smelting Mill and enjoy the company.

Start time is 1000hrs onwards at the Smelting Mill.  Bring your own lunch.  Tea and coffee available.  We are also planning a bonfire and there may be some embers for jacket potatoes.

We now have neighbours living in Mill Cottage, so please do not park in their yard or block their entrance.

More information – from Pete on 07718385646 or email admin(at)


Smelting Mill

The wall anchors have  been installed in the spine wall and walls have been rebuilt. Topsoil and  first turf layer are almost complete.

Native turf  has to be excavated and placed on top of the imported turf.  Drain holes are to be drilled in the base of the spine wall.

Fixed gate installed in the flue steps.

Smallcleugh Culvert

The arch at the north end has been rebuilt.  A section adjacent to the west mine shop has been excavated and the arch rebuilt.

Chimney and Flue

The chimney has been consolidated.  Sections of the flue have been excavated and the arching rebuilt with new stone before the flue is reburied.

Rampgill Burn culvert

Funded by the Environment Agency, wall tops are being relaid with new stone.

Stagg Wheelpit

New steel railing installed around the perimeter and wood fencing removed.

Explosives Store

See the separate postings.


VOLUNTEER DAY Sunday 9th November

Start time is 1000hrs. Meeting point is the car park at the Smelting Mill. Tea and coffee available, bring your own food.

The planned task is to build a short fence at the rear of the old NPHT cafe and to continue dismantling the timber walkway at the east side of the old Rampgill workshops and woodyard.

Cumbria County Council are planning to auction the Rampgill workshops and woodyard shortly. The Society has agreed to dismantle the walkway and provide some fencing. In return, we may be able to use some of the recovered timber for fencing repairs elsewhere.

So far, we have found that most of the decking timbers are not re-usable. We hope to have better luck when we demolish the next section.

For more information phone Pete on 07718385646 or email admin(at)

Bolts and ropes around Nenthead

Some bolting and ropes have been replaced/improved in preparation for the NAMHO Conference in May 2015. In summary:

1 Middlecleugh Level to Baron’s Sump

Additional bolts and rope replaced at Middlecleugh Level; revised top for second pitch with deviation replacing the rebelay. Additional bolt, replaced rope and rope protector on final pitch.

2 Route to Brownley Hill High Level

Permanent traverse line on rails across corner.

3 Tatters String

A new SRT pitch from higher up on descent from Tatters String to Brownley Hill main level has been installed. The original route from a lower point in Tatters String has been left in place.