Smelting Mill

The wall anchors have  been installed in the spine wall and walls have been rebuilt. Topsoil and  first turf layer are almost complete.

Native turf  has to be excavated and placed on top of the imported turf.  Drain holes are to be drilled in the base of the spine wall.

Fixed gate installed in the flue steps.

Smallcleugh Culvert

The arch at the north end has been rebuilt.  A section adjacent to the west mine shop has been excavated and the arch rebuilt.

Chimney and Flue

The chimney has been consolidated.  Sections of the flue have been excavated and the arching rebuilt with new stone before the flue is reburied.

Rampgill Burn culvert

Funded by the Environment Agency, wall tops are being relaid with new stone.

Stagg Wheelpit

New steel railing installed around the perimeter and wood fencing removed.

Explosives Store

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