VOLUNTEER DAY Sunday 9th November

Start time is 1000hrs. Meeting point is the car park at the Smelting Mill. Tea and coffee available, bring your own food.

The planned task is to build a short fence at the rear of the old NPHT cafe and to continue dismantling the timber walkway at the east side of the old Rampgill workshops and woodyard.

Cumbria County Council are planning to auction the Rampgill workshops and woodyard shortly. The Society has agreed to dismantle the walkway and provide some fencing. In return, we may be able to use some of the recovered timber for fencing repairs elsewhere.

So far, we have found that most of the decking timbers are not re-usable. We hope to have better luck when we demolish the next section.

For more information phone Pete on 07718385646 or email admin(at)nentheadmines.com.