Members Volunteer Day 29 March 2015

What are we going to do?
1 Fettle the big sign at the junction with the Nent-Overwater road
2 Install new door sill at The Barracks
3 Clean the gutters in Carrs Level
4 Sort out the timber pile at the Assay House
5 Clear up builders debris on the Smelting Mill site

What do I need to bring?

Lunch – we have tea, coffee and milk.

Work clothes and footwear

Do I need to book in advance?

No – if you want to know more phone Pete on 07718385646

Work Programme 2015

NMCS Work Programme 2015      Version 1 dated 22 03 2015

Small Jobs

Assay House door seals – install

Hodgson’s shop window – repair broken pane

Replace putty on various windows and repaint

Repaint Assay House upstairs door

Paint Assay house interior

Medium Jobs

Dismantle panels in Barracks ground floor and tidy up room

Move Eimco to better position in Barracks

Moving deck winch under cover in Barracks

Pointing – assorted places with lime mortar

Barracks floor – replace floorboards near entrance

Assay House South doorframe – replace lower sections

Hodgson’s High Level shop – fix chimney lead flashing

Large Jobs

River wall below Smallcleugh I complete emergency repairs

Barracks North Door & Frame – strengthen rotting door and frame

Flagstones outside Barracks South door – lay flagstones when SMC confirmed

Ongoing Jobs

Pothole filling – access track

Weeding – particularly smelting mill area, and remove thistles anywhere

Litter picking


North Explosives Store: install roof timbers and roof, construct two doors and             frames, install floor and interior walls, complete wall reconstruction

Restore Eimco

Restore deck winch