Report on Members Working Day 29th March

Members Working Day 29th March was a great success. We fixed the damaged displays in the Workshop buildings, evicted redundant panels, cleaned up fungus growing on the panels, replaced some of the Barracks upstairs floor, swept and cleaned just about everywhere, installed a ladder rack in the Barracks, put up coat hooks, produced some site publicity posters,carried ladders into Smallcleugh for NAMHO – checked the fit – and carried them all out again, found ways of hanging a publicity banner, moved the car park mine wagon to a new site, and removed redundant panels from the mega sign at the main car park entrance.

In between the rain showers, it occasionally stopped raining. Missing from the pictures are Sheila Barker who left mid-afternoon and Gavin Brett who escaped the camera. Thanks to everyone!

Edited scans 13 03 15 4