Report on Members Working Days 18th and 19th April 2015

Excellent weather today – bright sunshine and dry air. Those members who hanker after underground trips spent the afternoon in the smelting mill culverts attempting to trace water flows.  Some partial success and some interesting discoveries.  It appears that a branching network runs under most of the buildings and there are tantalising glimpses of daylight from unknown holes. We did not find the exit from the Barracks drain.  Can anyone bring some surveying gear which will give us precise heights of the leats?

Brewery shaft lighting was checked out. We no longer have a mains power connection to this building and so resorted to generator.  Unfortunately, the generator did not have sufficient capacity to properly power the system.  Further consultations with experts are planned.

The rock pile by the Pattinson House was part-sorted into rubbish and usable stones.  Potholes in the approach road were filled. Barracks ground floor tidy up continued – much progress made here – the last of the redundant display panels was removed and the work benches placed in  a more practical position.  The Barracks door sill was renewed.  Roof slates put back into position on the Workshop building.

The Smelting Mill fenced area had litter removed, assorted builders debris cleared, redundant timber removed.  The paths and gullies around the buildings were cleared of moss and mud.