North Explosives Store 29 June Report

Excellent weather on 28th and 29th June. After some false starts, we got the rafters and wall plates installed.

Colin Wilkinson, Martyn Langley and Alec Langley

Colin Wilkinson, Martyn Langley and Alec Langley

The coming weekend (Sunday 5th July) will see the slates start to go on. We also have tasks to rebuild the inner wall  and to carry on pointing the exterior. The more people we have the easier it will all be.  The site can absorb at least seven people without us falling over each other. Weather forecast is good.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator – Joyce – on  07702538709 if you want to know more.

Working volunteers can stay in the Assay House bunkhouse for nil cost – provided you do some work!


Colin, Alec and Martyn were smiling to order.


End of the day, the rafters and wall plates are in….but the midges have arrived.

North Explosives Store – how are we doing?

Work was slow to start this year because the night time temperatures have been too low for lime mortaring.  Things improved in late May and we have now spent three working days on the building. What have we done?

1 Removed the temporary winter roof

2 Installed the new door frame and eventually got it trued up.

3 Cleaned out the interior and had another look at the archaeology of the floor area.

4 Pointed the front exterior wall, rebuilt the barrel joists stonework, and started on pointing the two side walls.



We are making a big effort on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th June.  The aim is to complete the lintel over the door, install the wall plates, install the rafters, and complete the side walls up to the rafters.  If time permits, we’ll make a start with the roof slates.

If you are coming for both days, you can stay in the Bunkhouse at nil cost on Sunday evening.  If you want to know more or book your place, then phone our Volunteer Coordinator Joyce on 07702538709.  All insured members are welcome!