Some Proper Mining and some Awkward Electrics

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Today we tackled an outstanding problem of a cracked piece of wall rock in  Carrs Mine.  Having completed our method statement and reviewed the risk assessment, Steve, Joyce and Pete ventured into Carrs Mine and removed a large piece of cracked sandstone. As you might expect, some more pieces of adjoining wall had also to be removed and a requirement for timber was also noticed. By the end of the afternoon we had filled six wheelbarrows of rock. More to shift next week.

Rock removal in Carrs Mine

Rock removal in Carrs Mine

Colin had started one of those “small, quick jobs” of renewing an electric socket. Due to the peculiarities of the wiring and the previous box fixing methods  – this small job took all day.The mining team probably had the easier day!

John Crompton arrived with some rails and part of an early cast turnout. Hopefully we should be able to reconstruct one of the first iron turnouts, as used in the North Pennine Mines. Thankyou to John  for this donation.

Sheila and Liz were sorting and cataloguing some Geological Survey maps that had been donated by John Crompton earlier this month.