Wednesday 21st September 2016

Back into Carrs Mine to finish off the rock removal job. Several barrow loads of rock and spoil shifted, drainage gutter cleared, and two new timber posts inserted. Tall folk find this low part of Carrs Mine is a bit of a pain, even worse when you are pushing a heavy barrow.

We also shifted out of the mine two lengths of rope and some block and tackle gear which has been sitting at the bottom of the main Rise since about 2003. 

This took us up to late lunchtime. During lunch we entertained two groups off visitors. One group had family links to Coulsons – perhaps a link too Coulsons Level. The other group had ancestors Liverick and Pattinson. We finished the lunch with a £20 donation and an offer of a geology section of Wellhope Shaft.

The afternoon shift removed a collapsing fence at the back of the Smelting Mill bunkers and saved some of the wood for running repairs to other parts of the fence. Meanwhile, the clear-up of the smelting mill site continued, ragwort was uprooted and more thistles plucked.

Sheila, Joyce, Graham, Pete and Colin were on site today.