Cutting, Sorting and Removing

Sunday 25th September

Carrs Mine shop finally cleared of decaying ply sheets which we had been keeping just in case. The better ones have gone into store and the worse ones will be used for archaeology digs and smelt mill rubbish dumps.

The steel container that formerly held the lead acid lamp charging rack was extracted from the building and donated to a neighbour, who can use it as a fuel store. The space created was then used to tidy up our stock of steel scaffolding.

Team were in need of a rest and found that the bench  with the best views by the smelting mill is sadly decayed. The old seat slats were removed – we are now on the search for some new treated wood that could be used to repair this seat.

Nick Green, Allan Richardson, Sheila Barker, Alec Langley, Martyn Langley, Rosemary Vidler, and Charley Hunt joined in the fun.