Joyce Jackson and Sheila Barker continued the marathon task of cataloguing and sorting our archive.  We plan to upload part of the index to this website shortly. researchers will then be able to arrange to view items from the list.

Alec Langley, Graham Brooks, Jim Coxon, Colin Wilkinson and Peter Jackson retreated from the damp and cool climate into Carrs Mine. They spent six hours removing the remains of the cable and lighting installations, including every clip, screw, nail and tie. This work required close inspection of walls and roof which led to the discovery of a large rock showing signs of movement. Our risk assessment indicated that the rock was likely to drop at any time and was apparently held up with a clay joint filling. Two people required to move and stack it after we had barred it down. A further inspection has not revealed any more mobile rocks.

Jim travelling to the Rise

Jim travelling to the Rise

Removing the fixings

Alec and Graham removing fixings

A review of the dam in the mine shows that our emergency work to reduce the water flow continues to be successful – a much reduced water flow from the drain valve.