End of Season Moving and Tidying

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Dawn temperature zero and climbed to 6 at midday. No wind, blue sky, a great day to be out on the North Pennines. Graham, Alec, Steve and Pete did yet more moving and tidying downstairs in The Barracks. The Eimco and the Darlington winch are now in the middle of the floor, on boards, and can be worked on during the winter period. Our end of day task was to sort out and tidy up the welly stock. Graham and Alec also repaired the Smelting Mill safety fence where the railings had been removed by  persons unknown, probably the same people who ride mountain bikes on the site. Jim removed the old mine power connection from Carrs Shop and also took out some of the old phone connections. 

Sheila, Liz and Joyce spent the day cleaning and packing our small artefacts collection and they also reviewed our storage area and made some more space. We are planning to redesign the whole of the artefacts display during the winter closedown period.

We had a drop in visit from two eminent Coal Authority people and we also hosted a visit from the County Council team who are responsible for the electrical systems. Plans are afoot to inspect the safety of the mains distribution cables.

imgp9228The Eimco has moved, again!

The Eimco 12B jacked up on blocks


Sheila, Joyce and Liz wrapping the small artefacts.