Members Underground Trip 26th August 2017


Meet at the Smelting Mill at 1030hrs.

Includes long sections of crawling on mainly soft shale, and some water up to 0.5 metres deep.

if you are available and interested, please tell Pete Jackson  via or phone 07718385646.

Eight helmets and lamps available – must be booked in advance.

Recommended that you carry a drink and food. You must have BCA underground insurance (red or green cards).  Would help if you had your card with you.

The mine has some interesting graffiti, wooden rails, good geology exposures. and drill holes, one  with wood peg stemming. Plenty of dark shale passages. The main entrance level dates from the earliest times of the London Lead Company on Alston Moor – possibly 1760 onwards.

Wet Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Raining whilst we were working on  site today – but warm. The weeding team removed thistles, and other unwanted vegetation. Four large bags filled by the end of the day.

At the Power of Water, the water chute, blowing engine and assorted timbers were all removed. The base area has also been cleaned up and scrap material stacked ready for removal. At the east end of the structure, we have started preparations to dismantle more of the structure. The objective here is to make the top of the structure inaccessible to  children.

(Click on the image for a larger view)