Essential reading for all members holding a BCA Membership card

BCA holds a membership list of nearly 6000 Individuals and some 200 Groups (clubs, access controlling bodies, National Bodies, Regional Caving Councils and Cave Rescue Teams) who are eligible to vote in BCA’s two house system.  BCA Executive decided to use the over 4000 email addresses supplied by members either directly or via their clubs to avoid the cost of posting the ballot paper out.  Because the email list had not been previously used by BCA, a trial Pre Ballot email was sent out on 13 August to detect email addresses which bounced the message back.  Some 300 such bounces were detected and those members were switched to the postal delivery system.  Subsequently some tens of emails were found to have bounced on the send of the ballot paper on 21 August and those members have been sent papers by post.

Since it became clear some emails were going to ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folders or into ‘black holes’ or marked up as ‘phishing’ emails, BCA has undertaken several steps to inform its members of the ballot.  They include placing notices up on BCA’s web site, statements on BCA’s Facebook page, the BCA, Adit Now and ukCaving forums and on the Darkness Below web site and emailing direct from an alternative email address or via a club’s email system.

If you have not received your ballot paper by 1 September then please contact the BCA Secretary either via or by post at BCA Ballot, The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, Buxton, SK17 8RG.  Likewise if your email system is marking the attachments as ‘phishing’ or worse and you are not prepared to risk opening them, then contact the BCA Secretary.  Duplicates will only be sent to the address BCA holds as a security precaution.

If you experience difficulty in returning the completed ballot form by email, then please type in the supplied address rather than ‘click on the link’.

Please note the ballot form will only be considered properly completed if the Unique Security Code number has been accurately placed on the form and crosses have been placed within boxes.

Please ensure completed ballot forms are with BCA by 23 September 2017.

Bob Mehew, For BCA Executive