Wild, Wet, Trouble and Success

9th and 10th September 2017

The Heritage Open Days weekend started on Saturday morning with a prospective quiet day which was not to be. The morning mine inspection revealed a break in at the Carrs Mine waterfall exit, with damaged door and woodwork, damaged mineral specimens, missing specimens, moved mine wagon, and evidence of the most basic human behaviour. Most of this was sorted before the first visitors arrived, but the door had to wait until Sunday. Heavy rain showers.

The damage to the mine was the second incident in a fortnight. Two volunteers endeavoured to find replacement door hinges in the afternoon of Saturday but without success – all the outlets for miles were out of stock. A phone call to another team member (who was forty miles away at the time) eventually got us some hinges delivered late on Saturday. The door and frame was fixed on Sunday.

We now have the incidents logged with the Cumbria Police, crime number allocated, and another bump in the crime stats for Alston and Nenthead.

However…good things happened elsewhere. The Brewery shaft lights had been repaired by the Wednesday work teams and they were duly lowered down the shaft. Our visitors on both days were taken on conducted tours of the shaft top.  Everyone seemed very impressed. Meanwhile, we had heavy rain showers.

Sunday visitor numbers were better and we had a busy day.  Not content with being a Grumpy Miner, Titus also enlarged his performance by introducing a song. (underground).

On both days we  sold cakes and tea , books , identified mineral specimens , ate original old style miners bread, and  sampled  home cured bacon. It rained.

Our roving photographer kept emerging from darker corners of Carrs Mine -and we are adding to our stock of good publicity photos.

The total donations for the weekend were just over £600. It rained some of the time.

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Titus and Rosemary

Jane and Karen

Nick, Bob and Allan

Dave, Paul and Frank