8th and 15th November reporting, and the Art Group Visit on 12th November.

8th and 15th November Wednesday Work days.

Most of the year we can ignore our location high on the Pennine hills, until we are reminded in November when the temperature falls and the snow starts. The snow fell on the 8th and melted, but the outside temperature fell to 2C by the 15th.  On the 15th, we worked in a balmy 7C in Carrs mine, checking timber, surveying and doing a little exploring. Jim, Graham, Chris and Pete were in the mine today.

We are going to replace a fair amount of the entrance crosscut timbering over the winter and clean off some of the loose rock.

Meanwhile Audrey was very carefully painting windows inside the Assay House.The windows look better than they have for years – a very neat job completed.

Andy, Anne and Pete sorted through mineral specimens to remove the poorer quality specimens from our collection. Standing still in a cold Barracks building makes one think a lot faster and harder – it was colder inside than out in the yard!

The archive and computer team have sorted, checked and verified. We now have two back-up discs, one of which is taken off site after every Wednesday. Sheila, Anne and Joyce have been systematically checking through our systems.

Colin and Chris have also installed a new extraction system for the Assay House showers and Audrey has primed the woodwork.

ART GROUP VISIT 12th November  –  East Durham Artists Network

We hosted a visit from the EDAN team who wanted to visit a mine. Some of the members are former miners and some are new to underground. They have a good Facebook page and you can read more about their visit.

Thanks to Chris, Will, Frank and Charley who hosted this group.