Forthcoming Members Volunteering Events

ALL EVENTS START AT THE ASSAY HOUSE AT THE SMELTING  MILL – unless another location is given.  For Information – 07702 538709. You must have a BCA membership card  ( and bring it with you – if not a NMCS member).

SAFETY: NMCS provides gloves and safety helmets for outdoor work. You must provide your own safety footwear if you are planning to be involved in any work where your feet may be vulnerable to injury.

EVERY WEDNESDAY – members volunteer work day. Start time is 1000hrs at the Assay House. Phone the Volunteer Coordinator – Joyce Jackson – if you have any questions or suggestions. 07702 538709

NB: The project at Thompsons Level has been suspended over the winter months – we hope to have some published dates shortly for this project.

Updated 10th May 2019.