The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on Saturday 19th September,.

In response to the limitations imposed by the risks of COVID-19, this year’s event was an online video meeting.

The Annual Report and Meeting Agenda was emailed to all members and are posted below.

The minutes of the meeting will be posted here.

Peter Jackson

Updated 29th September 2020




Annual General Meeting 2020

Two events in recent months – Storm Ciara and the Covid-19 pandemic – have had very significant effects upon the Society and its regular activities.

Storm Ciara in February led to extensive track-way erosion and serious flooding in the lower ground level of the Barracks building. Fortunately, pending a planned rebuild in the Barracks that was already getting started, a temporary relocation of the office and archive into the upper floor of the Assay House could be expedited at pace and there were no losses of equipment or papers as a consequence of the flooding.

Now in March, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a complete halt to regular works and remedial actions following the flooding event in February. We cancelled the regular on-site work programme and the planned Open Days for some months ahead. We may yet lose the whole summer season entirely if government actions to stem the epidemic in the UK are not quickly successful.

Volunteers have mothballed the site as best they could given the social distancing constraints in recent weeks before the nationwide lock down starting 24th March. We are concerned about the safety and security of the closed up buildings and their contents over the coming weeks and months. We have made arrangements with members in Nenthead village to provide a level of regular monitoring in the meantime.

The Society’s Annual General Meeting is postponed indefinitely for now.

Despite the potential losses of Open Day income over the spring and summer, the Society’s financial reserve is such that we can easily survive into 2021.

We hope that all members are able to keep safe and well and that we’ll be able to ‘get back to normal’ in due course. Please follow the official guidance and do your bit to minimise the duration and impact of the pandemic.

With very best wishes,

Trustees of Nenthead Mines Conservation Society

Open days and Group Bookings

Here is a list of events which will require members to be mine guides, cake makers, site guides, and welcoming hosts – depending upon the type of event.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these dates, please contact Joyce Jackson, our Volunteer Coordinator. Phone number is 01388 527532 and email is joiceyjoyce(at)

This list will be reviewed regularly and additional events may be added from time to time. Revised on 20th January 2020 (NM= mine not booked)

11th July Westmorland Geological Society

18th September Leeds Geological Association

Forthcoming Members Volunteering Events

ALL EVENTS START AT THE ASSAY HOUSE AT THE SMELTING  MILL – unless another location is given.  For Information – 07702 538709. You must have a BCA membership card  ( and bring it with you – if not a NMCS member).

SAFETY: NMCS provides gloves and safety helmets for outdoor work. You must provide your own safety footwear if you are planning to be involved in any work where your feet may be vulnerable to injury.

EVERY WEDNESDAY – members volunteer work day. Start time is 1000hrs at the Assay House. Phone the Volunteer Coordinator – Joyce Jackson – if you have any questions or suggestions. 07702 538709

NB: The project at Thompsons Level has been suspended over the winter months – we hope to have some published dates shortly for this project.

Updated 10th May 2019.