Members Work Days 18th July and 22nd July 2018

Wednesday 18th July – likely to be a slow day. We are waiting for paint and wood deliveries which will not be here on this day. Archiving, tidying, sanding white window frames, cutting down spikey bushes.

Sunday 22nd July – Thompsons Level clearance work. The start of placing the first roof supports and preparing the floor for barrowing.
Start time on both days is 1000hrs at the Assay House.

Carrs Mine Conservation and Protection Work


A working visit to Carrs mine beyond the show mine. We will be taping off fragile areas and reviewing the need for any signs asking people to respect the environment in the mine. This is not a grand tour of the mine. Contact Pete J for more info 01388 527532. Bring scruffy rucksack for carrying tools, sticks and tape, and any other useful items that you may already possess……

You must possess a BCA green card either via NMCS or another BCA member organisation.

Fourth of July

Volunteer working day – plenty on offer, both indoors and out. Wall repairs, gatepost installation, wagons painting, electronics, archiving, and so on.

Be there for 0955 for the safety briefing.  Phone 07718385646 for more information.

23rd June 2018
The programme will include – 1. Oresome recording, 2. Site Working Group review meeting from last week, 3. Painting noticeboards, 4. Repairing main noticeboard backing. 5. May also include gate post replacement, if we can get a gatepost locally, 6. Electrical installations.


This list will be updated when additional dates are chosen.

Start time on each day will be 1000hrs.

List last updated on 9th June 2018

10th June 2018 – CANCELLED

1st July 2018 – preparations for excavating Thompsons Level, and other work to be arranged.

29th July 2018


Starting at 0955, we will be archiving, repairing in the mine, moving rocks, labouring to an electrician and building shelves. Phone Joyce on 01388527532 for more information.  You must have a BCA membership card to volunteer on site.

Annual General Meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on Saturday 9th June 2018 starting at 1100hrs at Nenthead. Notices and documents will be mailed to Society members. 

Peter Jackson on behalf of the Trustees 8th May 2018