Members Work Days

Welcome to the Members Work days page. This page has the latest information about opportunities for volunteering on site.

If you want to volunteer on site, it is essential that you book before the day. You must not arrive on site to work without a prior booking. Phone Joyce on 01388 527532 or 07702538709.

A Covid 19 site working risk assessment is in place and members coming to work on site will be sent a copy. Sanitising points are in place at the entry to buildings and the toilets are open.  The kitchen is not being used so members coming to work need to bring their own food and drink. Lunch can be eaten outside or in the Barracks where it is possible to sit socially distanced.

When members arrive for a work day the morning briefing will include the risk assessment and a there will be a debrief at the end of the day. 


.1 Checking Hodgsons Mine shop for rubbish and removing the same to the skip.

2 Collecting litter from the whole site – there are some tree protectors floating down the river and there may be litter elsewhere.

3 Rebuilding the car park entrance wall – a small mortar batch mixed in a barrow should suffice.

4 Finding fire extinguishers and electrical gear for the annual Fire and PAT check by a contractor. Rosemary has already claimed this job.

5 Inspecting Carrs Mine and listing any remedial work that will be required.  Measuring up for mine timber, if required. 

6 Sorting some short lengths of timber for mounting the Ram Pump and Water valves at Brewery Shaft. Designing the mountings and marking for any cutting.

7 Designing and digging the foundations for a catchpit at the south end of the Stamp mill site. Preparing a materials list.

This means we need about 10 volunteers. Do you want to come and help? It will be great to see you again.

You MUST book no later than the day before by phoning Joyce on 01388 527532 or 07702538709.

You will need to be on site for 10.00am. I will check the weather at 8.00am and if the forecast is bad I will ring round to cancel.

Joyce Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator