Health and safety policy

Health and Safety Policy

Nenthead Mines Conservation Society believes that the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by our operations is of paramount importance. Health and safety must not be compromised to achieve any Society objectives. Everyone has a responsibility for their own safety and that of anyone else that may be affected by their actions. The Trustees of the Society recognise that they have ultimate responsibility for health and safety.

Our commitment is continual improvement to prevention of injury and occupational health within our Society. Our target is to achieve zero harm to our members and visitors.

In all aspects of the Society’s activities, legal compliance is our minimum standard. In addition, there are a number of definitive Society safety procedures and together these determine the health and safety standards expected by the Society.

Our safety management system includes

         -the identification of hazards, 

         -assessment of the risks, and

         -processes to mitigate the potential impact of risks.

To be effective, this Policy requires the involvement and cooperation of everyone. I ask you all to 

“Think safety and work safely”

Peter Jackson, Trustees Chairman, 1st September 2019